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"The girl, Luisa, played by Sarah Lasko, is a hopeless romantic who dreams of going to town in a golden gown and of being 'kissed upon the eyes.' Lasko nails it. She is sweet and quirky and over-the-top with enthusiasm. We love every bit of her. The singing role that is Luisa's is exceedingly challenging and Lasko is totally up to the task. Her voice takes on an aura of sweet simplicity in her songs and facile virtuosity in the coloratura above El Gallo in 'Round and Round.' The purity and clarity of her voice is enchanting and enriching."

The Fantasticks, Brilliant Simplicity and Classic Appeal, Vermont Standard

"The Girl, Sarah Lasko, and The Boy, Nick Kuhn, could not have been better cast. The audience relished Lasko’s emphatic infatuation when she insisted that her 'eyes turned mauve…no honestly, mauve.' The show insists on two romantic characters who can be believable for all their silliness, and these two delivered the goods."

The Fantasticks is...Fantastic,  The Herald


"Of course, any production of “The Wizard of Oz” would fall flat without a superb performance from the actress playing Dorothy. Fortunately, Sarah Lasko is the right actress for the job. Her Dorothy is vivacious and determined. She also manages to mine a great deal of humor, much more than what seems possible with such a character. The result is an effectively crafted, heartwarming performance. Her rendition of “Over the Rainbow” is laced with wistfulness and innocence, just the way it was meant to be."

'Wizard of Oz' Stage Show a Dream Come True For Pittsburgh Audiences Young and Old, The Times Online


"Not only does Lasko, who has a lovely voice, capture sturdy innocence and a sense of discovery in her exceptional Dorothy, but she adds a delicate modern comic timing to her delivery. Her charm is never forced; she is never surprised by being surprised. Over the Rainbow is perfectly judged, in weight and tone."

A Vivid Wizard of Oz Comes to the JubileeEdmonton Journal

"Lasko, who works hard playing Dorothy and keeping an eye on Toto, is terrific. Her voice sometimes has the gurgling effect of Garland’s without the hysteria, and her Dorothy strikes a refreshingly strong and steely attitude."

‘Wizard’ a delightful romp down the Yellow Brick Road, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Charming, refreshing and with a sweet manner and voice, Lasko delivers enough pluck to keep us all rooting for her — and gives the iconic “Over the Rainbow” the sincerity it’s due. Seeing how she manages to sing, dance and attend to her leading partner, a rescue terrier named Nigel performing as “Toto,” is half the fun of the show.”

Wizard of Oz' Goes High-tech in RBTL Show, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

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